Safe and Effective Tattoo Removal in Rochester, MN

We use the most advanced technology to provide tattoo removal for all skin types.  Contact us for a free consultation.

Many old lasers used by competitors frequently burn or scar the skin. Our laser works safely on all skin types/colors and can remove any color of ink except white.

The Enlighten laser was the first system on the market to feature both nanosecond and picosecond pulse durations. Unlike other lasers, it allows customization for the correct wavelengths, the correct spot sizes, and the correct energy levels to remove your tattoo effectively.

  • Schedule a free consultation at our office.
  • Most appointments last about thirty minutes. Allow time at your first visit for paperwork.
  • Follow up with your next appointment in eight weeks.
  • Keep the area out of direct sun for two weeks after each treatment.

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