Fotona Medium Depth Laser Peel (Papillary)

Ideal for skin tightening, wrinkle minimization and removal, deep wrinkles, and acne scarring.

Procedure: The Fotona Medium Depth Laser Resurfacing peel yields amazing results and requires a serious commitment to proper sun protection and skincare after treatment. You will look years younger with results lasting up to 5-6 years. On the day of your procedure, an anesthetic cream will be applied to treatment areas for your comfort. After your laser procedure, the treated area looks like a deep and significant sunburn. Depending on the depth of your scarring and wrinkles, you may require follow-up “spot” treatments for a fraction of your original cost.  Shallow wrinkles are typically removed with one treatment. This procedure takes approximately sixty minutes.

Downtime: Approximately five days although you may not feel “visually” comfortable enough to return to work until seven days. Mineral makeup may be applied a week or so post peel and offers exceptional coverage.