Botox injectible in Red Wing MN Red Wing, Hastings, Lake City Minneapolis, St. Paul, Woodbury, Rochester, MInnesota and River Falls, WI, WisconsinBotox®  treatment can make frown lines, crow’s feet and droopy eyelids or brows disappear in a short office visit with minimal discomfort. Botox® can even prevent many lines and creases before they form.

Botox® is the trade name of Botulinum Toxin Type A. It is a natural, purified protein that, when injected into the muscle, blocks the nerve impulses that cause frown lines, laugh lines, and droopy eyelids and brows. The entire treatment takes about 15 minutes. You still have expression on your face, but without wrinkles. Because Botox®-treated sites start to show improvement gradually over 3 to 10 days, our patients report others notice they look more rested and refreshed, never knowing the real reason why. Botox® has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and has been used clinically since 1989.

Treated muscles will start to gradually regain their action over 3 to 6 months, so repeat treatments are needed. The number of units is individualized. Dr. Tuominen will customize the treatment to achieve your desired results and a return appointment, approximately 2 weeks after the initial treatment, is recommended to administer additional Botox® if necessary. However, the more you use Botox®, the less you need over time.

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