Running towards great skin!

February is my favorite month (not just because it is my birthday month) but because there is Valentine’s Day and it was also my Dad’s birthday. My Dad was the strong silent type who never complained. He was a man of action and one day I asked why and how he did so much for everyone… he answered simply “Because I can.” So to honor my dad I stopped yapping about doing that race (which kept getting pushed off) and laced up the sneakers and ran a ½ marathon the day after his birthday, Feb 5 Surf City ½ marathon. It was a great day shared with over 10,000 other runners. During that 2 hours I had time to think about how exercise benefits not only our heart but also our skin.

This article from WebMD says it best: Read Article

The key is that when you increase blood flow to the skin you bring in the “builders” and at the same time remove the “garbage”. It’s a way to stimulate your skin into being healthier and thus younger. This is the key for many of the procedures we do at Refined Skin. Lasers to that peel (remove damage…i.e. garbage) and stimulate the collagen and blood flow to help build new healthier skin. The other way to provide focused stimulation is through our Vampire Facelift or Facial.

What we do at the clinic is only ⅓ of answer to rewinding those hands of time. So walk, run, elliptical, bike, or whatever way you can to healthier and younger skin. Remember my mantra “Peel, Nourish, Protect”. Oh don’t forget your sunscreen and if you want to get there quicker give us a call 🙂

I hope this finds you happy and healthy in the new year. One of my goals this year was to provide more value to all of my patients through knowledge. Expect a few more messages throughout the year and never hesitate to email me with any questions. Visit and Like our FaceBook or Yelp pages for other current specials and useful information.


Kory Tuominen, M.D.
Owner Refined Skin Medi-Spa
Board Certified in Cosmetic Laser Surgery and Family Medicine
Avid promoter of health!

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