Hair is a funny thing!

Hair is a defining characteristic of who we are. The cut, the color, the twist, the amount: all decisions we are in control when we have hair! What happens when the jungle hair of youth becomes a sparse forest? Until recently the way we tried to keep that forest from thinning was through topical/oral medication or replant (transplant) the trees . Besides being expensive, it was also a bit invasive taking hair from the back of the head and reinserting it in the areas of thinning. Although this is still the ideal way to treat lack of hair (total loss), there is a new therapy that is now becoming the new treatment of choice. This therapy involves harnessing the body’s power of healing and focusing that power in the area of need. In our analogy above, we are providing an amazing fertilizer (one specific to the patient) to those trees that are wilting. This miracle grow is: platelet rich plasma. We are able to isolate this from the patient’s own blood. Then we aerate the area (microneedle) to allow more oxygen in and access of the fertilizer to the roots. Finally we provide the “sunlight” with a special laser 2-3 times a week to keep the process going. The result is at least 40% thickening of the hair in the areas treated. Occasionally we need to repeat the process upto 3 times and the LLLT is most optimally continued for a full treatment course of 1 year.
If your forest is thinning please come in and see if you are a candidate for our state of the art “Triple Therapy” for Hair regeneration. Maybe we can get you back to the Mohawk days 🙂

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